Poms appeal gets Sally Pearson disqualified

Australia’s Sally Pearson has been stripped of the Commonwealth Games 100 metres gold medal after an unsuccessful counter-appeal against being disqualified for false-starting.

Pearson won the race in 11.28 seconds in New Delhi on Thursday night. But the English team successfully appealed that she should have been disqualified for a false start, as happened to their runner Laura Turner.

The Australian team lodged a counter-appeal but it was rejected after lengthy deliberations.

The devastated sprinter used her anger and disappointment to come out on top in the hurdles with a Gold Medal, which didn’t really make up for the loss of the 100 metre heartbreak, but never the less, still showed the Commonwealth that she is the fastest.

But to be honest, it is ridiculous that sprinters only get one go at a false start. They’re so pumped up and ready to explode that it’s a bit harsh to only have one chance.

The officials are at fault for not pulling the race up and the rules are at fault for only having one chance at a false start.

Pearson’s heartbreak came on the night gymnast Lauren Mitchell joined swimmer Alicia Coutts and cyclist Anna Meares as Australian athletes to win three gold medals each in Delhi.

It was also a memorable day for 16-year-old Australian schoolgirl Alethea Sedgman who broke the nation’s gold medal drought in the shooting by winning the 50m rifle three positions event.

Buford Balony says: No wonder we call them whingeing Poms, because that’s what they are. You still can’t deny the fact that she is the fastest in the Commonwealth.


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