Our newsreaders have made my life hell

Now that the Test Matches are over can I congratulate our bonehead newscasters for making us look like a bunch of whining losers .

As an Aussie living and working in London I’m used to the good natured banter that I get from the customers in the bar, especially since the Ashes.

What I did not need was some news reader drongo telling everyone, “There’s nothing worse than a grinning Pom “.

The other newscaster I’d like to drown is the donut who said, “Poms are just jealous of our weather, our beaches, our houses with pools, and our showers that we use every day.”

Can you imagine the stick I’m taking because of this drivel.

One of my customers, a typical Londoner, very politely informed me and I quote

“Yes mate you’ve got all that lovely stuff, but, and this is a big but…YOU AINT GOT THE ASHES…AVE YA”

Get a grip Aussies we were beaten by a better team, deal with it and move on.

by Terence Johns


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