Nathan Prince – toughest footballer ever dies

A teenage Aussie Rules player who went into cardiac arrest after being injured during a local match in country Victoria has died.

Nathan Prince, 17, died on Wednesday morning in hospital with his family beside him.

It’s believed the teen was transferred to palliative care on Tuesday.

Father Ian Prince said last week the family did not blame the other player.

The Bacchus Marsh teenager was injured during the qualifying final against North Ballarat City on August 20.

Friends of the apprentice carpenter have flooded a Facebook page called “Nathan Prince – toughest footballer ever”, which was set up in the hours after the game.

“Everybody is greatly shocked about the loss of a great friend,” Justine Harris wrote.

“It wasn’t fair that a good man got taken away at an age that is so young. They say only the great die young in this case that’s you you’ll be miss great from a huge amount of people, who new that yoy were such a wonderful person.”

Charrise Daly said Nathan was courageous and brave.

“Nathan was, in every sense of the word, a true warrior,” she wrote.

by Buford Balony


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