Casey Stoner to retire from MotoGP

“This isn’t a two standard series. This is a MotoGP championship. This is a prototype championship” – Casey Stoner.

After reading a statement announcing the shock news that he will retire from MotoGP at the end of this season, reigning double world champion Casey Stoner later gave more details as to why he wants to quit grand prix racing at the age of just 26.

The Australian star has won more MotoGP races (35) than any other rider since 2006, and been crowned world champion for both Ducati (2007) and Honda (2011). He is currently second in the 2012 standings, trailing Jorge Lorenzo by 8 points.

But Stoner explained that the criticism he has received over the years and the direction MotoGP is taking in regards to cut-price CRT-style technical rules means his passion has ‘slowly ebbed away from this championship’.

“I’ve been watching this championship for a long time and it’s very easy to see what works and what doesn’t,” began Stoner.

“This championship and everything that I’ve worked towards to get here. It’s been a huge dream of mine. Then you get here and race for a few years and realise a lot of things.

“Whether it’s people having no faith in you, people not believing in your talent or changes that have happened to the championship.

“2009 [when Stoner was sidelined with fatigue problems] to be honest was a big eye opener to me. People still to this day say it’s a mystery illness. The fact that no-one understands that I have a Lactose Intolerance. That it’s really critical to me if I do have any.

“It’s not of the type that everyone thinks it is. It just basically takes my energy, it stops me absorbing nutrients. The fact nobody has listened to me with that.

“There are many, many things that just over time have taken its toll. The way I see the championship heading. The direction I see it heading and the fact that in 2009 I really realised what is important. It’s family. Happiness. Money isn’t everything.


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