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Matildas smash the useless Poms

Australia are heading into the FIFA Women’s World Cup high on confidence after a stylish 2-0 victory over world No.10 England.

Two first-half goals from vice-captain Collette McCallum secured the victory as the No.11 ranked Matildas dominated for large portions of the match in their final hit out before starting the World Cup against Brazil next week.

Fresh from their win over Mexico four days earlier, Australia showed plenty of promise in attack early – Heather Garriock, Lisa De Vanna, Kyah Simon and McCallum all linking well to put pressure on the England defence.

A typically powerful De Vanna run in the 15th minute into the penalty area ended with the striker taken out and the referee awarding a penalty, which McCallum slotted home.

Another incisive run from De Vanna in the 27th minute led to the second goal.

Tameka Butt played in a corner, which England partially cleared, and the ball fell to McCallum who connected with a left-foot volley which rocketed into the top corner.

“Winning against a team like England, who by the way are highly fancied for this World Cup, is a boost,” Matildas coach Tom Sermanni said.

“I think the way we played in this match was just as critical as the result.

“Not only did we play some very attractive and fluid football but we also got a very positive result which is extremely important when heading into a big tournament.

“There’s a real sense of confidence around the team at the moment – a real self belief and buzz in the playing group.”

The Matildas begin their World Cup campaign against world No.3 Brazil before playing Equatorial Guinea on July 3 and Norway on July 6 in their other pool matches.

Buford Balony says: The POMS are meant to be good at football, yeah right, we flog them everytime we play em. Whether men or women they suck.

I am the editor I am an editor Don't know what I want but I know how to get it I wanna destroy a burger and fries


  1. Where do you get your facts from Buford?

    As far as I remember, in the mens game Australia have only played England 6 times. The first match between the nations was at the SCG in 1980.

    England’s record is Won 3, Drawn 2 and Lost 1, with 6 goals for and 5 against.

    The last mens game was a friendly when Sven experimented by playing a “full” side for one half of the match, and a team of largely uncapped players in the other half.

    The Guardian described the match as follows:

    “….the most meaningless friendly in a long time. Sven-Goran Eriksson plans to make so many substitutions, the linesman’s numbers board should ideally carry a strobe warning for epileptics”

    England fans don’t generally regard it as a big event yet us Aussies view it as the equivalent of winning the World Cup.

    • Goomba,since you’re stating facts,the fact is when England played their 2nd stringers it was 1-1 at half-time.When they went full strength in the 2nd half we won 3-1,so to me,when they played their best team they lost 2-0 in half a game which equals to a 4-0 drubbing.
      Last time i looked this website was called “Ozzienews”,not “smelly i need a shower Pommie news”.
      Just face it,you lot invented the game but can’t play & now you didn’t get the World Cup,you’ve got no chance to win it again.

        • You’re not an Aussie.You’re an undercover POM because no Aussie i know would write that shit.Go home to your cold miserable shit hole.Bye bye.

  2. ur right goomba balony is an asshole
    i have lots of english friends n i hope they never see what that idiot says

    • Where do you surf,Blackpool? Because you wouldn’t be able to handle the surf in NSW,or is that where you have your monthly bath?

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