If only all assistant referees looked like this

Brazilian assistant referee Ana Paula de Oliveira has appeared naked in the Brazilian edition of the magazine Playboy, a move which sparked controversy in the football-crazy nation.

It’s kind of old news…but she looks so hot, we had to publish this stunning photo.

“The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) will analyse the implications that the episode could have for the assistant to carry out her function,” Edson Rezende, chairman of the CBF’s refereeing commission, said in a statement on Wednesday.

This might pave the way for a new sanction on Oliveira, 29. The woman has already been withdrawn from the list of referees in the Brazilian Championship, after disallowing a legitimate goal in the semi-finals of the Brazilian Cup.

The pretty referee, who continues to be active in games in the state of Sao Paulo, signed a deal with Playboy and appeared naked in the edition of the magazine.

According to press reports, Oliveira is to get up to US$230,000 for the photo shoots.

Her decision caused controversy in the Brazilian football community, where there was already some resistance to the presence of a woman among mostly male referees.

“I am against any woman taking her clothes off in public. I think that will not be good for her professional career,” said Botafogo midfielder Lucio Flavio.

However, the CBF were not so stern in their position.

“The decision taken by assistant referee Ana Paula de Oliveira of having photos taken for a magazine is personal and, in principle, the refereeing commission will not adopt any particular attitude,” Rezende said.

by Terence Johns


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