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How can Harry influence the South Coast Mariners?

Today in the A-League we have the Central Coast Mariner v Wellington Pheonix, and I ask ‘what influence will Harry Redknapp have on the game?’

what-influence-will-harry-redknapp-have-on-ccmHarry Redknapp Joined the Central Coast Mariners in May this year as a Football Consultant.

But he is also an advisor for English Championship team Derby County.

I ask the question (above) because of a few…anomolies.

For a start, Harry keeps calling his team the South Coast Mariners.

Club owner, Mike Charlesworth said Harry would be great, and make at least two trips to Australia in a season. When Redknapp was asked about this on a radio interview he said ‘not likely – I’ll not be travelling to Australia…it’s 3o odd hours away…takes me a week to recover…’

But he did say that even though Australia a long way, it’s a fantastic country when you get there…so he’s not that bad a bloke.

So, in answer to my own question – I don’t think he will have any influence at all.

He has been a great soccer manager over the years, but most of me is thinking, ‘What’s the point?’

Below are some classic Redknapp quotes

  • On being overlooked on the England job: ‘I wouldn’t trust the FA to show me a good manager if their lives depended on it.’
  • On his own IQ: ‘I write like a 2-year-old and I can’t spell.’
  • On foreign players in the EPL: ‘With the foreign players it’s more difficult. Most of them don’t even bother with the golf, they don’t want to go racing…they don’t even drink.’
  • On Southampton striker Kenwyne Jones: ‘He took a knock on his ankle but we played him some Bob Marley reggae music and he was fine.’
  • On West Ham player Dani: My missus fancies him. Even I don’t know whether to play him or fuck him.’
  • On footballer’s eating properly before a game: ‘If you can’t pass the ball properly, a bowl of pasta’s not going to make that much difference.’
  • On West Ham’s trophy cabinet: ‘First of all I had to find the bloody cabinet, when I eventually did, I opened the door and out flew 2 bats, 3 Japanese soldiers and Lord Lucan.’
  • On former Spurs player Gareth Bale: ‘He drove me mad in raining. Technically, he was outstanding but he always seemed to be playing with his hair.’

by Buford Balony


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