Goalkeeper scores a 90 metre goal

San Jose Earthquakes goalkeeper David Bingham kicked an amazing goal from over 90 metres out in a friendly against West Bromwich Albion.

It was a ‘Hail Mary’ play that just happened to come off for the San Jose goalkeeper, who booted the football over 90 metres for it to bounce over the opponents goalkeeper and slot in for a goal.

The 21-year-old kicked the ball downfield, before it bounced over the opponent goalkeeper’s head and slotted into the net for a goal.

West Bromwich Albion goalkeeper Boaz Myhill was left red-faced after the goal, which left the crowd screaming for more.

Despite looking straight into a setting sun at Buck Shaw Stadium…without the benefit of a cap…Bingham was still able to complete the amazing feat.

The goal came three minutes into the game, which West Brom won 2-1, with a goal to Khari Stephenson just before halftime, while Jerome Thomas scored the winner for Albion in the 53rd minute.

 by Terence Johns


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