Get rid of this dodgy fucker

European nations have called on FIFA to launch an internal investigation of last year’s scandal-plagued re-election of president Sepp Blatter.

Blatter won a fourth term as head of soccer’s global governing body in June after his only opponent, Mohammed bin Hammam, withdrew from the race amid allegations he was trying to bribe voters.

The Qatari was found guilty of corruption by FIFA’s ethics committee and given a lifetime ban.

The Council of Europe’s culture, science, education and media committee met in Paris on Tuesday to approve a report on “good governance and ethics in sport.”

The panel also issued a draft resolution calling on FIFA to further look into the election scandal and speed up its promised reforms.

FIFA should “cast full light on the facts underlying the various scandals which, in recent years, have tarnished its image and that of international football,” the resolution stated.

The resolution will be debated on April 25 by the Council of Europe’s full Assembly, which is comprised of 318 parliamentarians from the 47 member states.

The Council cannot make binding laws and is separate from the European Union.

Beyond the election, the committee asked FIFA to release all documents on the organisation’s involvement with Swiss promoter ISL.

The company’s 2001 collapse led to allegations that some FIFA officials were receiving kickbacks in exchange for television rights.

Blatter’s leadership also came into question in November when he was heavily criticised throughout the soccer world for comments about racism that were seen as insensitive.

Blatter, though calling for an end to racist remarks between players, said such disputes should be settled with a handshake and suggested racial abuse was akin to foul play.

by Buford Balony


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