Fevola’s not ready to quit his addictions

Troubled former AFL star Brendan Fevola was booted from Crown casino in Melbourne before midday on Thursday because of his addiction to gambling.

The wayward former footballer arrived at Crown around 10.30am Thursday and began playing poker on his own.

But he was later asked to leave by a casino staff member.

A Crown spokesman¬†said, “As soon as Crown was made aware that Brendan Fevola was in the poker room, he was approached by a responsible gaming liason officer, who is not Crown security, but a person attached to the Crown customer support centre.

“We didn’t speak to him until after he left the table. We explained it to him once and he got up and left. It was all very low key.”

Fevola has been paid an estimated $30,000 for a tell-all interview on tonight’s Footy Show.

by Buford Balony


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