Fan who caught Jeter’s 3000th will get a pay-out

The fan who manages to catch the ball off Derek Jeter’s historic 3000th hit could pocket as much as $250,000, it was reported on Thursday.

That is just one price tag in the big merchandising bonanza to celebrate the New York Yankees captain’s approaching milestone.

The Yankees and Jeter’s promoters are selling no fewer than 200 products linked to the hit, with markups of as much as 50 percent over the price of his usual branded collectibles.


“Derek Jeter is always worth a premium in everything he does,” said Brandon Steiner, president of Steiner Sports, a major sponsor of the Yankee star.

“His status among fans is unmatched, and this is one of the biggest moments of his career.”

As the Yankees icon approaches his 3000th hit…he moved to within three after going 1-for-3 against the Indians Wednesday night…his marketing team is not only aiming to control all commercial aspects surrounding the event, but to sell everything linked to it, including the player’s dirty socks.

Steiner also holds the contract to sell five gallons (22 liters) of hallowed dirt scooped up from the infield and dugout after the historic home game. A half-ounce (14 milliliters) of pure Yankee dirt fetches more than $250.

Not everything used in the game will be sold or auctioned.

“Derek will probably keep his bat and game glove,” Steiner said.

“He’s still deciding what he wants or doesn’t want.”

But almost all the rest is up for grabs.

Buford Balony says: His 3000th hit of what…steroids?


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