Elephants are forbidden in the Indian Super League

Many years ago soccer was not even practised in the streets of Calcutta or Bombay.

It was even considered the sport of the poor. But after seeing how the US has promoted the game and are very successful, it is time for the continent of India to play the game.

elephants-are-not-allowed-to-play-in-the-indian-super-leagueThey are in their 3rd season, and soccer teams are now trained by the best coaches and managers from all over the world.

In the past India’s defence was impenetrable, but the use of elephants has been forbidden.

Ex-national coaches are teaching Indians the rules – how to spit, how to act like a member from RADA, as shown by the Portuguese, dramatic hand gestures and tearful appeals to the referees.

From South America a really important training aid…polished teeth for biting.

A large group of fans from Millwall in England were called in to teach the fans how to support the team with songs and chanting, ‘Three tigers on my shirt’, followed by, ‘it’s coming home to cha-wall-ah.’

Such was the foul language expressed continually to the referee, that some of the fans were sent home.

Side men were issued with bugles and batons with which to run on the pitch to chastise goalkeepers who played too well.

We now have thousands of fans, the games are magical, with speed, bravery and great entertainment.

Well that ends my first report on Indian soccer…see you at the World Cup.

And my wife makes curries for the coaches…if they want some.

Although, I wouldn’t advise it as she is a terrible cook, and they may be having a chukkah-up of curry afterwards.

by Rahndi Ghit


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