Don’t you know I’m Danny Green

Boxer Danny Green struggled with excruciating abdominal pain, which later required emergency surgery to remove a softball-sized abscess and his appendix, but he has denied his behaviour at Busselton Hospital on New Year’s Eve warranted police intervention.

Green, 37, rejected suggestions he was behaving erratically and said he was unaware police had been called. He sought treatment elsewhere before officers arrived.

“I wasn’t ranting and screaming,” he said from St John of God Hospital, Murdoch, where he had surgery on Wednesday. “Considering how much pain I was in and the lack of common sense shown, I thought I was very controlled and I have no idea why anyone would be called, let alone the police.”

Green, who is the International Boxing Organisation cruiserweight champion, also denied using his high profile to persuade the treating doctor to give him morphine.

“I’ve never used the line ‘don’t you know who I am,’ and never will,” Green said. “I just got a strong vibe that she was assuming I was some junkie off the street coming in to get a hit. I said to her ‘I’m a professional athlete and a three-time world champion. I haven’t just come off the street for a hit’.”

Green said he had experienced similar problems 10 times over the years and morphine had often been administered to ease the pain before further tests were done.

He said the doctor also refused to speak to his Sydney physician, who he had on the phone. But Health Minister Kim Hames said the doctor was right to refuse Green’s demands for morphine because she had not had time to properly diagnose him.

“You just do not give morphine to an undiagnosed abdominal pain, it is the last thing you give because what it does is camouflage the symptoms and sometimes you miss a diagnosis,” Dr Hames said.

“The reality is Danny was only in that hospital half an hour, he really didn’t give them much of a chance, did he?”

Buford Balony says: Another reason not to believe what comes out of Green’s mouth. I’ve always said his public persona is fake & the more crap he says, should make it easy for everyone to see through it.


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