Daniel Geale reckons Mundine and Wood are fakers

Anthony Mundine and Garth Wood are fake fighters who have been milking the Australian public, says Commonwealth gold medallist Daniel Geale.

Geale is finishing his preparations for his IBF middleweight bout against world champion Sebastian Sylvester, and he feels he has been left in the shadows as Mundine and Wood have dominated Australian boxing publicity.

“It’s very frustrating that they do get a lot of media attention,” Geale said about Wood and Mundine on Fox Sports News.

“They haven’t proved they are going to fight anybody good.

“Mundine is probably past it now, and Garth Wood is yet to prove himself.

“As a fighter and a boxer, I sort of rate (Garth Wood) kind of low.

“He’s not that skilful and has not had a lot of fights.”

Geale is adamant the Australian public deserves to see better fights that that served up by mundine and Wood in Brisbane.

“We are going to prove to Australia we are going to take real fights, fight the champions,” Geal said.

“We are not going to sort of milk the public, we are going to do it properly.”

On the prospect of fighting Mundine or Wood in the future, Geale said that he was focussed on fighting “real boxers”.

“I’ll fight these guys down the track to prove to Australia that they are just a hype,” he said.

“There not real fighters and just been milking the public.”

by Buford Balony



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