Pakistan cricket fans pelt tomatoes at donkeys

Dozens of protesting Pakistan cricket fans have pelted tomatoes at donkeys labelled with the names of the accused players at the centre of the match-fixing scandal.

Chanting slogans against captain Salman Butt and other team members, dozens of protesters also pretended to beat the donkeys with shoes during the demonstration in the streets of Lahore.

“It’s shameful and unacceptable,” cricket fan Manzoor Ahmad told reporters.

“We want them back, they should be punished,” he said.

Pakistan’s press said a match-fixing scandal involving top cricketers was an act of shameful betrayal for a flooded, terror-hit nation that worships the game.

“Our cricketers should have been ambassadors for us at this time, instead they have stabbed us in the back”.

“The evidence appears conclusive and we are exposed to the world as cheats and frauds once again,” it said, adding that the sport faced “a very uncertain future”.

“Perhaps the only way forward now is to literally start from scratch. Sack the lot, top to bottom. Anything less and the stink generated by these allegations will stick to us forever.”

Buford Balony says: Who are the real donkeys here?


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