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Can Brisbane Roar beat Arsenals unbeaten record?

Brisbane Roar may be on the greatest undefeated streak in local football history and in line to break Eastern Suburbs’ long-standing record across all codes in Australia, but there’s a team in England’s Football League One on an even more impressive run.

Huddersfield Town defeated Notts County, recording their 43rd-straight match without a loss since going down 4-1 to Southhampton on December 28, 2010.

The win helped Huddersfield surpass the previous Football League record held by the Nottingham Forest side of 1977-79 – a team that was led by legendary manager Brian Clough and went on to win the European Cup just one year later.

While the Roar’s 35-match unbeaten streak is an incredible achievement that is unlikely to be matched in Australia for some time, many have tried to downplay its importance by pointing out that the run includes 12 draws.

A-League fans would be interested to know that Huddersfield’s streak includes 18 draws, while Nottingham Forest only won half of the games on their unbeaten run.

Arsenal hold the English all-league record of 49 games without a defeat, a feat Arsene Wenger achieved with his “Invincibles” 2003-04.

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