Australians seem to breed the best jockeys

I have been very upset by the comments received from Aussie racing fans about my racing column.

I have many years experience of racing around the world. The best racing in the world is in England.

The majesty of Ascot, the enormous size of Goodwood, the bitter cold of Catterick (where there are more cows than spectators) and the bookies go home half-way through the meeting. The stiff climbs at Epsom where the horses get a nosebleed, historic York and sea blown Brighton. England has the very best racing in all the world.

Strange then, that here in Australia where all the  tracks look the same, the best jockeys are born. Just look at Hugh Bowman, Luke Nolen, Craig Williams…there are more but these are a class above the rest.

Over the past fifty years all the top races in England have been won by Aussies.

Here, if you get a bad draw, it’s the jockey’s fault if you don’t win.

Starting from so far away from the rails that you would need binoculars to find your way round, is not considered a problem. It’s no wonder they breed them tough here. Bravery is a must for country tracks.

Snakes and spiders can run just as fast as a short jockey.

Other countries have tried to compete with the English. France’s best race , the Arc of something, is run in winter when all well respected English horses have their winter warmers on.

The Yanks put their money down for big races, but the standard is not high.

To win a Melbourne Cup, foreign horses must acclimatise themselves by coming over a year in advance. My experience says English horses on English tracks with Aussie jockeys is the best in racing.

Recently when on a visit to the Pommie-Land I had cream teas at Devon races, a bandaged leg at Uttoxeter…one of the most dangerous tracks, an interpreter at Aintree (Scouse is difficult to understand), a bus trip to the Bladen races (Newcastle), aA wind blown seaside sand in the face race at Folkestone, and of course, the home of racing, a huge long straight at Newmarket.

I could not wait to get home to Mumbai where racing is more gentile. Donkeys for the young riders, camels  for the fearless and horses for dinner (not true).

If my dear readers have taken offence, then please tell your friends.

I will return to my favourite sport next time…that is of course Indian cricket.

The South Africans look good but where do they keep their deck chairs?

My confidence is with Ponting, he is one of the greats…I think he learnt the game in India.

Chai time.

by Rahndi Ghit


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