Antonio Tarver declares war on Danny Green

Four-time world boxing champion Antonio Tarver says he is ready to break Danny Green’s will and then knock him out in their IBO cruiserweight title fight on July 20.

The American declared war on Danny Green after he arrived in Sydney to prepare for his title challenge to Australia’s IBO cruiserweight champion.

“We came prepared for war. That’s what we’re going to be in for,” Tarver said.

Well, the last time WAR was declared in the ring was when Marvellous Marvin Hagler had “war on his mind”, when he fought Thomas “The Hitman” Hearns. It only lasted three rounds but it still remains one of the best fights of all time. But Tarver vs Green unfortunatley just ain’t gonna live up to that. And of course, it would be very difficult to live up to that magnificent fight from 26 yeaqrs ago, but it will probably be struggling to be as good as the worst playground fight you’ve ever seen. I hope not…and I do live in hope…which is what you have to do nowadays when you watch a Danny Green fight.

Former boxing heavyweight Tarver says he is in the best physical and mental state he could be in as he drops down in weight.

“Cruiserweight is my comfortable weight, my best weight I think, at this stage,” he said.

“We came down slowly. We worked our way down and it came off naturally.”

On top of an intense regime of gym and sparring work, Tarver has been conditioning his body with cross training.

After saying he may not prepared to go 12 rounds in May this year, Tarver has been quick to correct himself.

“If it has to go 12 rounds, I’m going to be equipped to fight for 12 rounds,” he said.

“It’s my job to break him, break his will, then knock him out.”

Meanwhile, the IBO crusierweight champion, Green, sees the fight as another opportunity to solidify his legacy in the sport of world boxing but is still wary of his opponents strengths.

“His size is obviously pretty imposing, physically he’s imposing, but his credentials, his experience and his skill are even more imposing,” Green said.

“Combine that with the power that he’s going to possess because of the extra size he is going to have over me, it’s a pretty daunting task.”

Buford Balony says: I’m going to have a nap.



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