Andrew Bogut may boomerang back to Oz

Andrew Bogut may be returning to Australia, with the NBA star reportedly set to join Patty Mills in the National Basketball League this season.

Melbourne Tigers announced the signing of Mills on Monday, with the Portland Trail Blazers guard agreeing to play for the club until the NBA lockout ends. Milwaukee Bucks centre Bogut said he could join his fellow Australian in the NBL to gain game time.

Bogut said he would not court teams until October 1, when he said he would reassess the lockout situation.

“If the lockout is where it is now, Europe and the NBL are viable options for me,” Fairfax newspapers quoted Bogut as saying.

“Australia is very appealing because I get more time with my family.

“But it’s a big step up with the insurance.”

Any NBL club that signs Bogut will have to provide insurance for his $60 million NBA contract.

“I won’t go asking an NBL club for big money,” he said.

“The main thing is the insurance.”

by Buford Balony


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