AFL 2010 – is a replay a good thing?

Collingwood – 9-14-68 St Kilda – 10-8-68

So, we’ll have to go all through it again next Saturday. But is it a good thing?

These draws happen so rare in the AFL Grand Final and when the final whistle went on Saturday afternoon, I was immediately shouting at the TV yelling that it should be finished on the day. But now I’ve calmed down…I’m not so sure.

The 2010 Grand Final is only the third drawn Grand Final in League history. Strangely enough, Collingwood was involved in that one, too. Collingwood also lost the replay to North Melbourne, so it’s a good omen for St Kilda.

Before 1977, you have to go all the way back to 1948 for the first tied Grand Final. That game was between Essendon and Melbourne, with Melbourne taking the honors in the replay.

If you take a little look at soccer, and although sometimes it’s the most exiting part of the game, it’s also a rotten way to lose.

For Collingwood and St. Kilda, I don’t think that either teams deserved to lose in extra time, or on the equivalent of a penalty shoot-out.

Yes I know that it’s going to be a pain in the arse for the fans to get tickets, book flights, hotels and all the rest of it but it still will be a great spectacle.

The only problem with a replay is if one team hasn’t got it right in their head. Because you could see when that final whistle went, that the players were in a sort of limbo…didn’t quite know what to do…didn’t quite know how to act…didn’t quite know how to feel. You could really feel for the players. But as long as they can both muster up whatever goes on in an AFL players head, then it’ll be another classic game.

Also, the trouble is that the fans, the crowd, will be expecting it to carry on where it left of, but it won’t be…it’ll be an entirely different game (you watch, now I’ve said this it’ll be 68-68 again).

Mind you, what are the odds on it being 68-68 again.

It could happen.

by Vanda’s Voice


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