Advance Australian Olympians

Just a few more days to go before the greatest sporting event of the year.

No not the Tour De France or the UK Open Golf. Wimbledon is over and Royal Ascot a dream away. But the Olympics now that is a sportsmans heaven.

In Oz we did not win the Tour, we did not win the Soccer and sadly Wimbledon champions are not ours this year.

I tell you London must put on a spectacular show to come close to Sydney. I still think our games were the best ever to be televised. However, London has history and Royalty…the pageantry should be fantastic.

How will we do at these games?

Swimming, cycling and sailing should bring us gold. Rowing is a certainty, and possibly our athletes will spring a few surprises.

Pole-vaulting and hurdling are medal hopes.

It has been a slow year for Aussies. We expect much and deliver more than our expectations.

Boxing has been good this year with both men and women winning titles.

We set off for London with a strong team. They have tremendous support both here and in the UK. I expect plenty of medals.

The teams going to London need to be aware of the dangers. Safety for everyone will depend on vigilance and the security of the police and soldiers at all the events. They have had years of experience of terrorism and we must rely on them to keep all our sports people safe.

We are a big country with a small population and will be competing with countries both big and small, but with populations ten or twenty times as large as us, can we win?

There is no doubt.

Advance Australian Olympians.

by TOG


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