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I miss my beloved cricket

As you may or may not know, I specialise in cricket.

I am dumb-founded by the continued coverage of racing, and yet we are denied games of cricket. If you take away the actual appearance at a cricket match…unless you are India or Pakistan, it’s Boxing Day in Australia, the World Cup,or the Ashes you have a very small number of people at the game – certainly less than at a race meeting either dogs or horses.

There is not just one meeting but a great number of races all over the country.

The Virus is said to affect mostly older people but our cricketers are young and fit – so why are we not allowed to play?

Is Australia not among the very best test teams in the world and have the greatest batsman ever? …which is why it is so upsetting that I cannot watch my beloved cricket.

Keep your TV games and Kardashians and your repeated series which are shown over and over again – give us back our need to watch and enjoy the great game on our TV…I cannot wait for normality…

by Rahndi Ghit

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