1958…I remember it like it was yesterday

It was my first job and I had only started a year earlier.

I worked in London for a national newspaper. Newspapers were the main form of information, and readers would buy two or three copies a day, just to keep up with the latest news and sports results.

Television was in its early days with only one channel…the BBC.

The news story coming in was dreadful, the whole nation was to mourn the loss of one of its favourite football teams.

The plane carrying the Manchester United team had crashed and there were many players dead and injured.

I don’t have to go through the history of that day again, it is well documented.

But the news was dramatic and we printed copies long into the night.

Crowds queued up to buy a copy with the latest bulletins.

What you may ask brought all  these memories flooding back?

It was the result of the Chelsea versus Barcelona game  on TV. A cup game, and an English club would be travelling to Munich to play football.

United went on to become the most famous and successful club and also the richest club in Britain. Overcoming a disaster to build another great side.

Can Chelsea win in Munich?

Are they going to fly there? …I don’t know.

But what I hope for is all the fans will remember those great players from 1958, who maybe watching over the game and cheering on Chelsea from the stands a little bit higher than Bayern’s stadium.

My wish is for the players and the fans to spend just a few moments, offering a silent prayer for all those who did not come home from that game in 1958.

by TOG


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