Are Psychics real?

It is apparent to most contestants that psychic mediums exist, and that there quite possibly is such a phenomenon as “psychic evidence”, if there is such a thing. Either way, a large number of people interested in the subject admit to their curiosity and willingness to explore the area, and to add to the excitement, the technology of modern binoculars bring everything into sharp focus.

A brief history about psychics, mediums and clairvoyants

The history of the word “psychic” goes back several thousand years, when the word itself was used at a time when “perceive” was a synonym for “see”, and once again, so it must have been intended to imply a limited ability to perceive, unlike our current use of the word which now implies a near total lack of limits.

The word “sense” is also related to the word “sense-reading“, which is what differentiates a ” verbally” word from a “psychic” word. To some people, these two words are interchangeable, but in general terms they are quite different, with the word “psychic” implying some sort of deceptive or suspicious ability, and the word “sense” meaning some sort of sensual awareness.

There is a school of literature that suggests that there is no separation between these two words, and that they are essentially the same. This view presents a rather cheerful picture of the use of psychics and psychics, where business people and others with a broader range of experience are classified as psychics, and “normal” people class as psychic.

A more realistic (but still optimistic) view of the world, and even some that have followed worldly events, suggests some sort of fundamental distinction between the two terms. At least since the beginnings of the romance industry, when an investigation from the covering of magazines such as “People,” revealed some of the many mystery aspects of the practice of psychic mediumship, there has been a marked tendency to equate the two terms – psychic and psychic medium.

The etheric is the genuine article, but even this is clouded, shortcuts, attended by various misleading customs.

The Psychic Schools are real

By the time people come to grips with the idea that there is more to this universe than keeping the news about the supernatural at bay, they usually wish to join some of the minor wholesome pursuits of the younger generation like TV, seance, astral projection, channeling – when they get a little more naïve than the parent, they find themselves too mature for pursuits that the more prevalent members of the society have somehow failed to add a childish giggle to the deal. They too are confronted with the fact that “I don’t know”, there’s more, you know – it’s wasn’t “ho-hum”, my ass.

They were surprised to realize that there is something different about these sensations, where before they were “we’re dour-minded,” now they were begin to comprehend the more serious possibilities where role playing and such come into play, where before they were “so-called,” now they were becoming “know-ers.” A whole new level of challenge was thrust Upon them.

It’s the first time, my friend, that you really mattered and stood out. A whole new level of what used to be called adulthood and ” adulthood” was thrust upon the individual for the first time. You came to see that now the choice to be ” childish” was an easy decision, whereas previously it had been a tough decision to be ” childish.”

The pressures of “amnesia” and the hypocrisy of the “worldly” society that we live in now, make many people seek to hide in plain sight. We are tired from fighting the tide, we want to play vote, and have a few convivial conversations to keep things interesting – and alive – in the game.

But the game is dead, or at least it’s watered down. You know in your heart that it is still murder, betrayal, theft, and every worst among them, and very few are not actively participating or loving this miserable life that they are leading – except you.

You are the one who has a choice to continue the struggle any longer, or you will “come to know Him”, and then the next will come into view.

Immediately next, in that season of life, “he comes to seek and to save that which was lost” – which was you.


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