A Psychic talking about her story and other spiritual topics

Hi everyone, I am a famous psychic in Sydney, Australia. I prefer to stay anonymous in this blog post to share some personal experience with you.

Some of you may know me from a book or a personal finance magazine. Well this new book is different because it’s written by me, a medium and clairvoyant in Sydney.

It’s about how to understand and know your Life Purpose according to the simplest method.

It’s using a style of language that is becoming more and more popular in spiritual circles and in the media.

Why should you believe a book written by a Psychic in Sydney?

Because, it’s not the reading of words. It’s about a spiritual search.

The problem with so many people is they don’t want to hear the real answer to why were are here.

They want to hear it on their entreaties to the Universe or their guides. But the Universe doesn’t cater to entreaties. The Universe wants us to use our conscious minds to ask for the answers.

Our spiritual lives are being destroyed by advertising and the media at the same time, by a lack of awareness.

So few know why they are here and even fewer understand or seek to understand their Life Purpose.

And those who do seek and understand have to spend so much time searching in the collective darkness and confusion that it’s like running into a brick wall. Can you really find a good Psychic in Sydney? No way. Even those who offer psychic readings in Sydney can’t decide if they want to become psychic or not so they don’t go deeper into their consciousness.

What can mediums or clairvoyants in Sydney do?

Are genuine psychics ever going to find the real answer or is it not a matter for the individual to discover for themselves in seeking their own Life Purpose?

This is an important question because their is so much more to you than what your ego will direct you to believe.

Contrary to the assumption of many psychics, you are not a personality. You are a beautiful part of the Universe that just wants to express itself in the world around you.

It wants you to seek and understand your purpose so that you can fulfil your dreams and supreme purpose.

The secret to all this is to know yourself of course.

So many of my clients, in fact, prefer to not be psychic, empathic, or mediumistic (to use modern synonymous for a specialized gift) so that they can dedicate their gifts to other people. And they miss the opportunity to fulfill their purpose and potential.

I live in the West Australian kingdom and it is not the model of the world. And I have always felt this way. I had to be psychic, to communicate with the ancestors, the ancestors wanted me to be psychic for them. That was the reason and still is the reason for my presence. I still feel I come from Australia.

My real point in all this invasion of the spirit world is I believe that the way we have invaded is by invading of our own stratosphere. We have invaded our slave psyche with our own idea of what life is.

I came from this Australian kingdom and I still feel Australian and I feel that is my identity. I do not want to go back to living in a world where people love me so much that they will rescue me from danger and even death. Afraid of nothing.

A better life is to sing and dance and be light workers and healers, bringing in the energy and consciousness to change the world.

That frees your soul and leads to a freer world.

What we can do to help change the world is to be conscious of the things we inwardly are. To become informed of the things we actually think about, even though they may be negative. To befriend negativity and try to teach it a lesson, not to be afraid of it and not to attempt to move away from it.

Positive actually means having an attitude of gratitude. If you are always grateful for being alive, you can not become focused on negativity.

Living a conscious life is simple.

Keep things simple and change to the next day and week and month. But not be bothered with deep thoughts and issues.

Just keep on doing your best.

Sming with the universe.

Serve with joy and sharing and compassion.

Life is lived with a smile, in Sydney or elsewhere.


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