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Wino’s thoughts and views on DRY JULY

There’s an old saying..and it goes something like, “A sober man wishing he could stand up and have the guts to say what a drunk man would say, and a drunk man wishing he’d just shut the hell up and act like a sober man”.

Of course, that’s not how it’s said…I’ve been drunk for too many years to remember exactly how it’s said/written down, but I’ve always remembered the sentiment behind it.

And it’s absolutely true…although…now-a-days, nobody really cares what I’ve got to say, simply because I mumble too much………….I’m not called Wino for no reason now, am I?

It’s years of being on the booze. I must say, Keith Richards doesn’t half speak clearly for someone who has consumed as much as he has.

Listen, I’m getting to the babbling stage now. But the next time you’re drunk or sober, it would be interesting to put the ‘what a drunk and sober man says’ into action.

And I must say a quick word and congratulate everyone who’s almost completed the DRY JULY. It’s for a bloody good cause. Mid way through July, a friend informed of this wonderful fund-raiser. And as a…well…quite bad alcoholic, I intend to do it next year. I’ll be letting everyone know through Ozzie News and you’ll be able to sponser me. As I said, it’s for a good cause and my liver could really do with a rest. I’ll even have a daily video diary to prove that I’m not drunk. It should make interesting viewing to see a man who’s been relatively drunk all his life being sober and talking to a camera.

But until then, a big well done to all involved.

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