Wino’s thought for the day

It’s not about love, it’s not about rejection, it’s about not being lonely.

It’s about having that one person to go to when you feel like nothing makes sense. It’s about having someone to share those moments that call for a drink…maybe even a hangover. It’s about strolling down the streets holding the hand of someone who cherishes you. It’s about having that person that laughs at your silly jokes, that tells you how pretty you look without make-up, that ditches his friends to spend the night with you, that listens to you…or at least pretends to.

That’s what we want. It has nothing to do with whether or not it is the right person or prince charming. It is not about how you met, or what games you had to play to catch them. It is not about love or about rejection…it is about not being lonely.

When you get that feeling that someone wants to be with you, a part of your heart fills up like an empty balloon fills up with air, and you forget everything else. You put aside your fear of getting hurt, your busy agenda, your so-called requirements…

All you want is that rush that comes with the first date, the first kiss, the first night together…

All you want is that feeling you get when your mobile phone rings and it’s him. How your face changes without you even noticing and a smile finds its way into your expression. People wonder why is it that when it comes to love, none of us are immune to an act of stupidity, and regardless of who agrees with me, its as simple as this…we can’t stand being alone.

by Wino


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