Tony’s Quiet Time

Welcome to you all.

My job as a pizza delivery man didn’t really work out. So I decided to take a break to get refreshed, you know, clear my head before I start looking for jobs.

I decided to have a weekend of fishing. My friends Simon and Kate have a boat, so we all arranged to go last weekend over to the north west of Western Australia, to Exmouth.

The first day we were out there was a beautiful day. Simon and I had caught some little fish, but it didn’t matter because we were having such a great time. We were sinking a fair few beers and so was Kate. She was wearing a very skimpy pink bikini and she’s got a fine body.

It was getting near dusk and we’d finished fishing for the day a few hours ago. Simon had anchored and we were staying on the boat for the night.

My mate Simon was so pissed, he was all over the place and he sort of crashed out on the deck. So Kate and I picked him up and took him to bed where he’d be safe, and not fall overboard in the night.

It was a beautiful evening and Kate and I were fairly merry with the booze, it has to be said.

I felt quite bad because Kate was coming onto yours truly. She’s so good looking and when she took her bikini top off I just couldn’t help myself. I started sucking on her big nipples like a hungry pup.

But I started to feel a rumbling in my stomach. I’d eaten some fish earlier that day and I think I must have had a bad one.

I was sick all over her perfectly formed tits. Kate went mad. She slapped me about, picked up her bikini top and went to bed.

Oh well, these things happen. I went and had a shower and then sat on the deck with a nice vintage Merlot. I even sparked up a Cuban cigar that Simon had given to me earlier. I then sat next to a Jewfish that Simon had caught earlier in the day. I still felt a bit lively after my ‘almost’ encounter with Kate. So I got my throbbing tool out…fuck, I was hard, and I fuckin’ RUINED that Jewey’s features. By the time I’d finished with it, it had no scales on it’s face, no jaw and one eye…and that was hanging out by a thread!

God-bless and have a wonderful, wonderful evening.

By Tony


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