Tony’s Quiet Time

Good evening everyone.

Yes, it’s been another busy day at the warehouse. I worked so hard today, and was so hungry that at one point, I started chewing my own teeth.

The boss was around and he could see that we were all working our fingers down to the bone, so he decided to take the 4 of us to the pub across the road for a bit of lunch.

I wasn’t so sure because one of me mates had got food poisoning from this place before, but we all ordered a burger and hoped it would be alright this time.

They were tasty burgers and were so huge with all the trimmings. I didn’t think I was going to eat it all. But there was a problem.

My boss had ordered a chicken-burger and they’d brought him out a hamburger. Well, he spat the dummy and walked out. They offered to give him his chicken-burger free-of-charge, but he’d stormed out, and was gone.

So there was this hamburger…just sitting there. Well, I didn’t think anyone would want his hamburger.

It’s been a long day, and I’m at home. I’ve put my feet up…listening to a bit of Mozart, in D minor…opened a nice bottle of Cabernet Savignon…then, I took the lettuce and sliced tomatoes out of the bun…got my throbbing tool out, and I totally RUINED that hamburger!

Have a wonderful, wonderful evening.

by Tony


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