Weird and whacky pregnancy cravings!

Many women crave something or another during pregnancy, very often something that they wouldn’t usually eat.

Pregnant woman

They crave things like spicy foods, pickled onions, peanut butter, and many more, with chocolate being the most common food craving, closely followed by ice cream. Whether or not they usually eat these foods they crave however, is no big deal – they are normal things that normal people do eat on a daily basis. Now there are some women who have really weird and whacky cravings when they’re pregnant, and we really mean weird!

Some pregnant mamas will get their other half up at all hours of the morning, and demand that they go out in the rain and snow, to get them things like ice, coal, mud, chalk, starch, rubber, and the daily newspaper, because they can’t sleep until they’ve had their fill. Other husbands/boyfriends are lucky though, because their wives/girlfriends crave foods that are right there at home. Even so, things like toothpaste, or the sponge from the bathroom, just don’t whet the appetite of normal people, and neither does laundry powder, matches, or chunks of raw sausage really do it for many people either. A few of the weirdest and whackiest cravings that some pregnant women have however, has just got to be lemonade mixed with soy cream cheese, dirt, hair, and get this, bricks!!


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