The kettle that looks like Adolf Hitler

In an example of not being able to un-see something after you’ve seen it once, commuters in California can relax if they had a feeling of unease after returning home recently.

Adolf Hitler kettle

A driver has removed that nagging feeling after posting a picture of a giant freeway billboard advertising a kettle that strongly resembles Adolf Hitler.

The JCPenney advert had motorists in Culver City, Los Angeles county, feeling as if they were going round the bend.

One person who saw Hitler in the billboard said, ‘I saw this yesterday and my boyfriend told me I was crazy, now I feel better that I’m not the only one who saw this’.

Another added: ‘I stare at this from my office building every day and now I can tell my co-workers that I’m not the only one who saw the Hitler in the bells and whistles sign!’


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