She’s hot

Would you look at the tits on this!

I’m real sorry to be crude…it’s not my usual fervor to write this way, but they’re looking mighty fine…aren’t they.

This photo was sent in anonymously (as is the way with this section), so we don’t know who she is…and we’re not going to look either.

But I must say a quick thank you to Barney911, who pointed out that our She’s hot model on March 16th 2012 is Krystal Forscutt, who was a Big Brother contestant.

Thanks for that Barney. I don’t watch Big Brother…I’ve got much more interesting things to do like…washing my hair, reading the Bible….etc., etc….

We really appreciate the info we get from you about these beauties, as we love to be educated with facts and names about these hot, hot chicks.

Well, this wonderful looking beast is, of course fine…yeah…she’s hot.



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