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She’s hot

Who is this you might ask !

Well, as you know, we go for hot chicks because…this section is called She’s Hot.

Today we have a beauty…and (do I have to go through this every time), we don’t know who she is.

It was sent through to us by a bloke called Barry…whoever Barry is…but he’s sort of got it right. I mean, she is really hot and you’d be more than pleased if you bagged this wonderful looking filly.

But if we were to do a new section called She’s Hot & Slutty…I think you know where I’m going with this.

Not saying that she’s a slut…and Barry, if she’s an acquaintance of yours we are truly sorry for calling her a slut…actually, it’s a compliment if anything.

But seriously, she’s probably not a slut. It’s just a really sexy, slutty pose.

And let’s face it…sluts make the world go round.

Anyway, She’s Hot…and as always…enjoy.

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