She’s hot

Hello again.

Yes, here we have yet another beauty sent to us by one of our avid readers…well…at least a fan of She’s hot.

You’ll notice that she’s very hot, and you’ll also notice that we haven’t put her name in…because we don’t know it. And, as always, can’t be arsed to find out who it actually is.

A quick mention to Kamz, who pointed out on a recent She’s hot . The beauty in the picture (She’s hot (April 10th 2012) indeed has a name. Her name is Denise Milani, and she’s not Indian. Thanks for that Kamz.

A bit about Denise. Denise Milani grew into a pretty Czech woman with a kind and optimistic demeanour. Meanwhile, her breasts continued growing unabated, bursting into the proverbial stratosphere of notability and finally reaching their base-size of 39DDDD. The fact that they had achieved this absurd size without the use of silicone apparently makes this all the more impressive.

Meanwhile, the often ignored Milani grew incredibly jealous of her more triumphant appendages, and for the most of her adult life remained, quite literally, in their enormous shadows. The young human resented how men only ever wanted to date her breasts, and how employers would cruelly offer them jobs ahead of her. She has feelings too, you know!

At the tender age of 20, Milani’s breasts were spotted by Handy Andy’s Busty ‘N’ Dumb Modelling Agency, who convinced them to embark upon a modelling career. Milani herself, of course, was dragged along for the ride whether she liked it or not.

So readers, if you can update us on any She’s hot lady, then please inform us…so we can let everyone know more about them because…we cannot be arsed.

Enjoy She’s hot.