She’s hot

Hello Ozzie News readers.

You know when you just start to think what’s beneath the ‘knicker line’, and your imagination begins to run riot?

Well, we’ve got a similar situation going on just below…there’s actually more going on below than I’m letting on, but enough about what gets me exited.

We can’t even see her face properly, but…and this sounds simply terrible…it doesn’t really matter. All you’re gonna be thinking about is ‘what’s beneath the knicker line’.

I’m sure she has a wonderful face, but it’s such a teasing pose.

And, as always, we don’t know who the hell she is…which is a shame, because even if we did some investigation (which we don’t), it would still be very difficult finding out who she is.

If anyone knows…please let us know, so we can, as always, honour her in the correct fashion.

We are starting to run low on She’s Hot hotties.

Please don’t tell me we’ve run out of hot girls in Australia?

Please don’t tell me that you guys can’t talk your girlfriend into posing for Ozzie News?

There’s gotta be plenty out there.

Anyway, she’s hot.



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