He’s hot

He's hot - Rocco SiffrediHello all you cock lovers.

Now, when I started to do this He’s hot page, I thought that I’d be artistic in every way.

But after a day of looking at photos sent in, and then a bit of research on trying to find these men…well…I start to care less about the art, and more about giving myself a good frig.

Anyway, this handsome gent is none other than Rocco Siffredi.

He has been in porn films most of his life, but recently, his name has been put in the frame for the next Italian president.

I’m not sure about being president, but after doing my…erm…research, I did manage to see that he has quite a decent cock.

This was the only non-pornographic photo that we have of him, so you’ll have to leave the rest to your own imagination…or may I suggest that you do some research of your own.

Anyway, he’s hot…enjoy.

by Lacy Lovelong

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