Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

I don’t usually drink weekdays anymore, but made an exception this week. When I got home, had a bath, shaved (I shave at night, I hate having to look at my face in the mornings especially when I have a razor in my hand). Next morning, got up feeling a little rough it must be said, washed, had breakfast, brushed teeth, put on crisp white shirt, suit, polished boots.

Got into work at my usual time of 9:30. A girl whose birthday it is, came up to me waving a piece of paper just as I was taking my jacket off .

“Jim, I had an urgent call for you about a case, can you ring this person back”.

I took the piece of paper (a scrawled name and a telephone number), “Where are they calling from? ” I asked, “I don’t know” was her reply, “Well, what’s the phone number?” I asked, “I didn’t take it”, was the reply.

With a loud sigh I took the message, “Thanks for passing this on but in future can you make a note of who is calling, it makes things a lot easier for me and it’s professional, OK”.

Off she flounces with, “I was only trying to do you a favour”. She works on the telephone hotline, it’s her job!

Anyway, I deal with the call and 10 minutes later one of the managers from the other team (we are not on each others Christmas card list) comes up to me completely insincere look on her face “Jim, a member of staff has come up to me and mentioned that you smell of alcohol”.

DUH I wonder who that could be.

by Jim Aborwhear