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Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

Had two days off following a call from a friend who has just recently become “unemployed (a short break between two jobs despite his ironical statements to the contrary does not allow him to speak for the disaffected and disadvantaged in society).

Decided to go to Richmond, a place of many and excellent watering holes, had a lunchtime drink in the White Cross (No KKK presence I’m glad to say, old joke a friend was genuinely worried by the name years ago).

Pleasant to have a drink in civilized company and watch the sunlight glisten on the water, whilst listening to techno babble about “aps”. Then I meandered along to enjoy a gourmet burger (I mean really gourmet?), it was a generous and succulent burger, with a lovely rocket salad and creamy horseradish sauce but I’m unsure if that warrants gourmet any more than Imperial Leather is a “luxury” soap.

Then a lovely interlude on the train with a hopeless and increasingly hysterical QC who repeatedly asked the same question on the phone “have the papers arrives yet, but have they arrived yet, yes, yes, no but have they arrived yet”, which meant I had to stare out of the window to avoid disgracing myself, I have a tendency to find such things incredibly funny, but only on trains and can only just manage to avoid laughing like a madman, instead tend to just shake with barely repressed mirth.

Anyway, I meet up another friend and to spend time discussing cabbages and Kings in a Jazz Pub – NICE, whilst drinking wine.

Today bought Father a pint and have spent time in my garden, reading then considering all of the things I could do to improve the garden, with the certainty that I am too lazy to do any of them and then with this task accomplished reading again, Game of Thrones series, very entertaining.

Good weekends all.

by Jim Aborwhear

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