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Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

You know you very occasionally get an update on here which is really meaningful, this isn’t one of them. It’s quite long and pointless (that’s what she said)…but needs to be said.

Am off work this week apart from Friday (it’s the rather irritating pot luck arrangements of cover over Christmas). Am hoping that Friday will be quiet and that there will not be a slew of people being released. Much like a stolid, unflappable, rheumy eyed St. Bernard whilst I am rarely actually needed my presence seems to reassure and calm more panicky individuals.

Been feasting far too much recently, last week went to an unassuming halal burger place. I was very impressed by how good the food was (in burger terms it’s in my top 3). I think I can say that I never have more fun with any group when sober –  feeding me with generous amounts of quality whisky always works. As one said, good to meet up with people we’ve known for more than 10 years and just laugh, tease and generally rib each other. Lots of good news shared as well.

Also, I have developed a terrible weakness for sweet gherkins which appears to be an established Christmas craving.

Went to see the new Star Wars film. It really was a cracking film, if you ignore the many unintentionally funny bits (Whenever you see a ship take off from the rebel base, there is some bloke standing on top of a ridiculously narrow tower, doing I have no idea what). A technologically advanced society where everyone lives in ancient cities. I mean have you ever seen a suburb in a Star Wars film ? That said better than average story line and acting and very fast paced. Felt quite dazed and battered at the end of it.

To recover and discuss, we retired to a local bar where the pints helped soothe our frazzled nerves, as we dissected the entire film. As always great company if at times slightly unruly. Looking back my desire to try the “Christmas Indulgence” cocktail (vodka/Baileys and a sprinkle of nutmeg) , may have been unwise in the long run but it was smooth heaven in a glass (on the quiet I think I may be a girl drink drunk). One has to say my sea legs appear more seasoned than my companions. After drinking three of these we meandered our way a little unsteadily to a burger place to soak up what we had consumed. Excellent burger (but not in the top three).

Comfortably ensconced at home, music playing, a nice cup of tea steaming, pausing from reading Wolfe Hall to write this.

Off for a curry tonight with more friends, and will enjoy a dry evening both in terms of the humour and the drinks.

Hope all are basking in Christmas good cheer

by Jim Aborwhear

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