Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

I give you all warning this is a little rude and may not be to everyone’s taste…

My brother rang me today, he’d gone to London for his yearly holiday to London. And after a few drinks with friends decided to go for a wander.

He went into St Paul’s Cathedral and went up to the Whispering gallery and then wandered around China Town for a while, as he was walking along, one of the “ladies” who hang around outside certain clubs, said to him she would stick her finger up his bottom for £10 (hardly the most promising of sales pitches I would think?).

He said he paused, shocked for a moment before replying, “£10 !! I’d rather have 4 pints in the pub, and stick my finger up my own arse…I’d still have change from a tenner as well.”

He told me the conversation became very blue after that…..

May not be to everyone’s taste but did rather make me roar with laughter when he told me.
by Jim Aborwhear

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