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Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

Went out 2pm to buy a packet of fags, some damn drunken idiot urinating against the  side wall of the shop, on the bloody high street on a Sunday afternoon!!, unusually for me I rather lost my temper and am ashamed to say the language I used whilst barking at him was rather ripe.
Glad to say several other passers by joined in and the chap raced off at some speed. I mean, really women and children u…se that shop and neither I nor they should be subjected to the sight of a man with his, his wingwang out urinating in public. I mean use bladder control, or the Pub opposite or an alleyway if you must. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve managed to get home fit to bursting and when managed to get the key in the door with shaking hands, hopping from one leg to the other ran to the toilet doing a monkey impression (running going oo oo oo oo).
I recall years ago my Mother was confronted by the same thing just outside our house, that chap ended up with my Father punching him in the face with the flat side of a shovel (to be fair he was doing gardening at the time hence the shovel and the punch was due to the names the chap was calling my Mum).
by Jim Aborwhear
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