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Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

Saw my GP on Friday, first time in 6 years.

Explained that I’d had gout previously but that I thought that this time round I’d got it in the knee’s (left one a few weeks ago and the right one was playing up now).

GP – You can’t get gout in the knee
JA – That’s not what your website says
GP – My website? I haven’t got a website!
JA –  Yes you have. It states normally in toe but can effect any other joint, elbow, fingers, knee.

GP- Well that’s rare (from impossible to rare in a brief sentence oh dear how very unscientific).

JA – So are Tigers
GP – What?
JA – Rare, but they still exist
GP – Oh I see ha ha ha
After a brief examination, with the benefit of years of medical training and decades of experience he pronounced his diagnosis with the gravity of a Jove.
GP – Mr Aborwhear, you have a crunchy knee.
Oh just bleed me and give me some magic wood to burn, you web footed, bill nosed, water fowl.
by Jim Aborwhear
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