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Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

New idea at work – “Wall of success” – Introduced by senior managers, who wish us to celebrate our success by recording each example on a “brick” (now don’t be literal, it’s a brick sized piece of paper) and (assuming we have more than one) over time creating a “wall” of success.

To achieve this we must follow the established law – excrement always drops, by getting someone lower down the grade scale to arrange the boring realities (me). I then operate under my Umbrella of humour (see what drops from above) to get as much enjoyment as possible whilst doing what I have to do, sent the below to my manager today.

“As discussed at last management meeting. Please see prototype (ref A1) “brick” tacked on wall behind you for your perusal, marked “A1 test brick”. This is roughly the dimensions of a traditional Imperial brick when viewed from the outside, (viewing a brick from the wrong side will mean you have been bricked up and unless discovered your views will be of no import).

You will notice it is yellow, when we initially discussed I know we agreed on a traditional “brick red” (of which there are many and varied hues) BUT I thought, well they did have yellow bricks in the land of Oz (not Australia). However, possible problem these were specifically used for a road (the famous yellow brick road). I have made the assumption that the plentiful supply of yellow bricks made in Oz could have been and probably were put to other general uses including walls, in this completely fictional land). An added bonus is that the staff could be characters from the film, Tinman, Scarecrow, Lion etc as some have certainly displayed the characteristics of such before now.

As above whilst we did agree that we should try and be as close as possible to a real brick, dependent on what you think perhaps a yellow brick would be a smash hit, unless the idea gets on your…. nerves.

There is a danger of some confusion between yellow brick road and yellow brick wall of success, but there is also a well known saying “the road to success” but I think by displaying our usual aplomb and verve this would easily be avoided ”.
I also thought of Pink Floyd’s “Another brick in the wall” but believe this to have anti establishment connotations so best to be avoided.

I await your feedback with anticipation.

by Jim Aborwhear

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