Anecdotal thoughts of Jim Aborwhear

Doing some gardening and saw a car lose a hub cap as it went past.

Reminded me of an incident years ago.

I was walking home from work (as always a picture of suited respectability) and a car shot pass turning far too sharply. It’s hub cap flew off and made a beeline for me, hitting the kerb, bouncing and heading straight for the place no gent wants to be hit.

It was the first and last time I have done a Michael Jackson impression (Grabbing my crotch whilst performing an open legged jump accompanied with high pitched “OW”!). You’ll be glad to hear that the hub cap sailed between my legs so the only harm done was to my fragile self esteem. Received a round of applause from a load of builders in van behind which I could have done without.

by Jim Abowhear


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