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Anecdotal thought of Jim Aborwhear

I was told today that I would have been happier as an Edwardian, you know, I really regret that people think that of me.

Yes, the elegant clothes, slavish adherence to etiquette and rigid system of good manners appeal to me, not to mention the rigid imposition of hypocrisy meant that the upper class actually had to justify their position once in a while (unlike now) BUT the question people never ask, is what if you had toothache?

I prefer a Steam punk version, modern technology (within mahogany and brass coverings) with truly stylish clothes…oh, how I long to wear a topper, frock coat, high collar with cravat, twirling a silver topped cane, in the middle of a non harmful smog whilst hailing a Hansom.

Yes, I know not a realistic ambition, but I am making a concerted effort to distance myself from the inconvenience of reality.

by Jim Aborwhear

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