Tony’s Quiet Time

Good evening to you all.

Oh yeah, it’s been a nice weekend. I enjoyed watching the Grand Final, as every Ozzie should.

I watched it down the pub and there was a very attractive lady looking at me. She didn’t look bad from a distance so I walked over to where she was and started chatting to her. She wasn’t too bad up close and she was a real nice sheila to talk to, as well.

We were getting on so well, but the booze just got in the way of everything.

She got so drunk and…I don’t know what she’d been eating, but…whatever it was, she managed to sick it up all over my Saturday shirt. She was in a terrible state and to make matters worse…I had to go home because my shirt was un-cleanable.

So, after I’d put my Saturday shirt in for a soak, I’ve put my feet up…opened a bottle of Cabernet Savignon and watched a very interesting documentary about people who have missing limbs…and then I got my throbbing tool out and really RUINED the cushion covers on my settee!

Have a wonderful evening.

By Tony


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