Eeeeeeeek! Is it the road to nowhere?

Norwegian bridge gives motorists a fright (but don’t worry, it’s just an optical illusion)

No, this is not a ramp to launch spaceships. It is a bridge on one of Norway’s most scenic and popular tourist roads – the Atlantic Ocean Road (Atlanterhavsveien in Norwegian).

The bridge named Storseisundet makes a sharp bend as it jumps over a number of small islands and waterways.

The approach to the bridge looks scary as the bridge seems to end abruptly and as if any attempt to proceed would result into the vehicle flying out and dropping into the waters below.

The Atlantic Road which connects Norway’s mainland to the Island of Averøy is spanned by eight bridges of which Storseisundet is the longest and most spectacular.

The Atlantic Ocean Road’s scenic route and the 260 meter long cantilevered Storseisundet Bridge has earned it the title of “Norwegian Construction of the Century” and is currently Norway’s second most visited scenic road after Trollstigen.


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