You…yes you! Start taking COVID-19 seriously

Isn’t it time that people started to take COVID-19 a bit more seriously?

I have some friends that still go into their office (even though directed not to do so) every day. They sit next to each other and…quite honestly do not think they are going to get it.

It’s very much like when AIDS first came about. Folk didn’t think they would get it because, ‘hey, it won’t happen to me…’ – well guess what? It does happen, and this is happening.

Right now, as I am sitting typing this out, there is a party (albeit a small gathering) but nonetheless, a gathering…absolutely mad…

I will say that we have been informed of every movement and action the government are taking and yes…we are all getting very bored with it – I don’t mean to sound like a spoilt child but you see, when any type of crisis pops up and is as huge as this is…we become sort of blase about it.

To make my point, if 4 people died of it in one day, then that news would be huge…and we might take more notice of the warnings we’ve been given. But because it’s become ‘big news every day’, we’re sort of…yeah okay about it.

You can moan at the government if you want (it’s a free country…) but they have worked pretty well on this. A few things that went wrong like the voting at the poles in Queensland. Some silly tart coming on the TV and telling us it’s safe to vote…what an idiot…

There is one good thing in the media since COVID-19, well, it’s good that it isn’t in the media – I haven’t heard about cars crashing into houses and house catching alight. Seriously, I don’t know if you pay attention to this but it happens every week…same old, same old…and, I do not miss that at all.

Once the Corona Virus is over, we will have to get used to cars crashing into houses, houses burning etc., etc.


Sel Hurst


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