World’s hairiest child called ‘wolf girl’

Little Supatra Sasuphan claims being officially recognised as the hairiest girl in the world has boosted her confidence.

Supatra had been teased her entire life because of a rare genetic condition causing thick hair to grow all over her face.

Two years ago she was tormented by other children calling her ‘monkey face’ and ‘wolf girl’.

It often left her in tears because of strangers stopping in the street to point at her.

But since then ten-year old Supatra – nicknamed Nat – has been named the ‘hairiest girl in the world’ and amazingly, her new-found fame has helped her become one of the most popular girls in her school.

Supatra, from Pranakom, Thailand, says: ‘I’m very happy to be in the Guinness World Records. All I did was answer a few questions about myself and then they gave it to me.’

Supatra reveals that getting the award has boosted her confidence and she has taken up dancing, singing, and acting.

She loves listening to Thai pop music and makes her own dance routines to the latest hits with her friends.


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