Woman wanted for stealing 1500 lotto tickets

A woman in Louisville, USA wanted for stealing 1,500 tickets didn’t have luck on her side. The violent heist that’s made her a wanted woman provided her with less than $200 in winnings.

Lottery theft suspectThe incident was all caught on tape. Detectives seeking the public’s help report that the woman ran a red Monte Carlo into the glass window of a convenience store and then stole the tickets. According to police the store was closed at the time and the crash set off an alarm.

Louisville Metro Police recently released a surveillance video of the woman grabbing the lottery ticket dispenser containing the lottery tickets and leaving with it.

Police say a couple of hours later the suspect cashed in several hundred lottery tickets, worth around $200 at a local grocery. The remaining uncashed tickets have been “flagged,” and any attempt to cash them would result in the police being notified.

“When she went in she did not scratch off the actual tickets as if you’re playing the lottery, she basically just scratched off the bar code,” to see which tickets were winners.” Det. Justin Aubrey said.

Police report that the woman caused $4,000 worth of damage to the store. They are currently looking for the suspect who is being described as a black woman between 20-25 years old with glasses.

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